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Kerry Potts

qualified hypnotherapist




April 2018

I went to see Kerry for hypnotherapy in order to raise my self-esteem, lessen anxiety and cope with relationship issues that were affecting my mental health.

She made me feel not only welcome but also at ease and I felt an instant rapport with her. I felt that she had a great deal of empathy and listened without judgement. 

During the treatment. I was able to focus purely on myself. It brought buried emotions from childhood to the surface but it was such a relief to let go and face them in the safe, relaxed atmosphere Kerry provided.  

After each session, I felt as though a weight had been lifted and I was in a more comfortable and relaxed state. I was not so troubled by the issues facing me and felt positive about confronting and dealing with my fears. 

In the following weeks, I found I was more able to stand up for myself and speak my mind. I believe that Kerry's hypnotherapy gave me the confidence to take action and made me more determined to make changes in my life.