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Kerry Potts

qualified hypnotherapist

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Unconscious conflicts induced by childhood trauma reside deep in the subconscious so hypnosis is the most effective way to reach them.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle way of healing childhood trauma as you do not have to relive it again. Instead, what hypnotherapy can do is give you a safe environment in which to focus on resolving the conflict and processing and re-programming your memory so it no longer disturbs you.

It can also help you acquire new coping skills in order to change the way you think and feel about things in the future. This will enable you to live your life to the full. 

Hypnotherapy is proven to be a really effective way of losing weight and keeping it off. Weight is very complex and there are many reasons why a person may overeat or make the wrong food choices. Through hypnotherapy, we can get to the root cause of why you eat and make suggestions to the subconscious to change the way you think and feel about food. This in turn can bring you back the control you need. Self-esteem issues, stress and reward are a few of the things that regularly come up which are hindering weight loss, or in the case of a yo-yo dieter, permanent weight maintenance. 


Let go of those things that are holding you back in life

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and Kinetic Shift practitioner and a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society. Kinetic Shift is a relatively new, dynamic and rapid therapy combining different techniques to resolve issues such as phobias, fears, anxiety and weight release. It is an intuitive process so the client will only need to disclose if they are comfortable doing so. Kinetic Shift can be equally successful with eyes open or shut so it is great for those of you who are a little unsure of Hypnotherapy. In many cases, issues are cleared in just a single session.

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About Me

I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist, available to help with anything that may be holding you back in life. Examples include: self esteem issues; stress and anxiety; phobias, habits and fears; weight release or control; food cravings; smoking cessation; pain management, sexual dysfunction or infertility, sports performance and confidence building- to name but a few. I can also help with hypnobirthing. Contact me for further details and prices.